Self-Storage Solutions in Penticton

Everyone can benefit from the convenience and security a storage unit provides at some point in our lives. The self-storage solutions we offer here at Stop and Store in Penticton can come in handy if you are:

Stop and Store Penticton
Moving to a new home
Stop and Store Penticton
Travelling abroad
Stop and Store Penticton
Moving back home with your parents
Stop and Store Penticton
Needing storage for your
          seasonal items
Stop and Store Penticton
Renovating your house or building
          an extension
Stop and Store Penticton
Clearing out your garage
          or spare room

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Convenient Local Storage in Penticton
Whether you’re moving, traveling, needing to keep inventory safe or simply want that extra space in your home or office, Stop and Store can provide the storage Penticton residents trust for the utmost in security. Local storage units keep your items out of the way but still close by, and you can rest assured that your property is safe in our units. We have hi-definition security cameras and an electronic gate system filming each vehicle entering and each person at the keypad. Our containers are properly secured to reduce theft and vandalism, keeping your personal property safe.

Storage in Penticton has never been simpler with Stop and Store. We offer drive-up storage units with wide, two-winged doors to make it easier for you to load and unload your valuables no matter how large or cumbersome. Our steel-constructed modules are made in Europe from galvanized 0.75 mm steel and feature heavy-duty burglar bars. Stop and Store doesn’t overlook anything when it comes to your storage needs. That’s why our units are also weather-ready with ample ventilation that allows your goods to breathe, while also keeping moisture out.

For All Your Self-Storage Needs
Our Penticton self-storage options are great for storing seasonal items like winter tires, winter clothes and ski equipment in the summer, or garden furniture, golf clubs and bikes for the winter. We offer outdoor storage for boats and recreational vehicles, and our indoor units are perfect for seasonal sports gear, motorcycles and quads, construction storage, overstock inventory, renovations, de-cluttering, home staging and emergencies.

Disaster Recovery
When fire, flood or sewer back-ups happen, your household items need to be put somewhere safe and dry. We can store your items while the clean-up, repair and renovations are done. Since we are centrally located, you can still have easy access to your items on our site. In many instances, the cost of storage is covered by homeowner’s insurance.
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